Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Child's Year Layout

I love love love this cartridge! It reminds me of all the wonderful postcards and pieces my grandmother had in her collection.. most of those were made with black paper but I decided to use pink and brown for my submission... I think they worked together perfectly! Of course this is My Miss Olivia in her crochet dress a friend of her Grandma Tammie's made for her.. the workmanship of the dress, bonnet, and booties is a work of art....but of course the Star is Miss Olivia! (sorry shameless brag by Nana)

I found this little dress on the hanger and hung it off the word just on a whim but decided I loved it like that! I believe it is under the icon feature but don't make me swear to that, I cut one in pink and then placed a piece of brown behind it to make the shadow since that wasnt a feature for that cut, a dab of brown chalk rubbed over it to show up the detail and its all finished. I did use Technique Tuesday rubber stamps with vintage brown ink to do the curly cues in the background of the white and the word Precious on the layout

These two little faeries are SO cute! I do recommend you don't cut them very small because the wings have a lot of detail and you may want to slow your bug down as you make those tiny cuts.

This old fashioned pram reminds me of what I wanted when I was a little girl! I wanted a buggy like this to push my baby dolls and kitty cats around in sooo bad!

I hope you enjoy this layout! WE LOVE COMMENTS! Be sure to come back on Friday to see what Tammy will come up with I am sure its gonna be a winner!


  1. WOW Debbie that Is one AWESOME LO.

  2. I was wondering why Tammy designs on the gypsy but then cuts it out from the DS. Don't have either one of these and trying to decide which way to go.