Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a note

Hello to all. We just wanted to tell you guys a little more about our blog and about us. We met at a swarm that we both attended in Ky back in 2007 and we have been friends ever since. We are from different states but talk on the phone often so we can keep up with each other. We both have a passion for scrapbooking and in doing so, we are preserving our families memories for generations to come. We both have a passion for our CRICUTS and all the Carts we own, although Debbie has the most (shhhh 103 to date..but, let's not tell her husband!), Tammy isn't far behind her with over 70+ carts. We are in such trouble this year cause of the 100 new ones going to be announced through out the yr. We love using our Design Studio's and Gypsy's, although Debbie does favor the G while Tammy favors the DS, but this is strictly for the screen size.

Since we do live in different states we wanted to do this challenge with a blog so we could use carts we own and see what each of us can come up with while using the same cart. We are not sharing what the other is doing until our LO's are complete and ready for posting here, so if at times you see the same cuts on our LO's , its not planned that way. It will be so fun exploring our carts ( some of which have only been slightly used) to see just what a gold mine it is. We hope you will continue to visit us often and maybe get some idea's for your own scrappin fun.

Tammy and Debbie

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